CAN to Video Interface
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Car manufacturers have started to visualise certain information in the screen of the factory unit. While replacing the original equipment will not limit the functions, drivers will appreciate the ability to retain such visualisations. The APF-V100VW is our first solution that allows the customer to receive the same kind of images while operating the heater or air condition controls or during parking. It is combined with a Steering Wheel Remote Control Interface and a Vehicle Display Interface.

For all Alpine AV or AVN products with camera direct input.

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Supports basic functions of original steering wheel remote control including telephone hook on/off. When using APF-V100VW it maintains also full functionality of the vehicles multi-function display.


Retains visual representation of air condition and heater controls and optical parking sensors (when available).

Retain all of the original functions of your compatible Volkswagen Group vehicle.

Steering wheel keys will operate the respective functions of the Alpine headunit, see the current radio station in the MFD, get a visualisation of the parking sensors and the heater controls.

If the car is equipped with a factory sound system, the amplifier will be automatically detected and the APF-V100VW will allow settings to the amplifier.

Note: the settings of the APF-V100VW are done by use of the steering wheel buttons. Although the interface will even work in cars without steering wheel remote buttons, settings can’t be made. We do not recommend this kind of use!

Performante si specificatii


  • Visual representation of parking sensors and heater and air condition controls.
  • Input for Alpine cameras with camera direct connection.
  • Includes Steering Wheel Remote Control interface
  • Includes Vehicle Display Interface
  • For all Alpine AV or AVN products with camera direct input.


Compatible with

Maker1) Model Model year
Seat Alhambra (7N) 2011 →
Seat Leon (1P/1PN) 2009 – 2012
Seat Toledo (KG) 2013 →
Skoda Fabia II (5J) 2012 →
Skoda Octavia II (1Z) 2009 – 2013
Skoda Rapid (NH) 2013 →
Skoda Roomster (5J) 2012 →
Skoda Superb II (3T) 2008 →
Skoda Yeti (5L) 2009 →
Volkswagen Amarok (2H) 2010 →
Volkswagen Beetle (5C) 2012 →
Volkswagen Caddy (2K) 2010 →
Volkswagen CC (3CC) 2012 →
Volkswagen EOS (1F) 2009 →
Volkswagen Golf VI (1K) 2009 - 2014
Volkswagen Jetta VI (16) 2011 →
Volkswagen Passat B7 (36) 2011 →
Volkswagen Passat CC (35) 2008 - 2012
Volkswagen Polo 5 (6R) 2009 →
Volkswagen Scirocco III (13) 2009 →
Volkswagen Sharan (7M) 2010 →
Volkswagen Tiguan (5N) 2010 →
Volkswagen Touran (1T) 2010 →
Volkswagen T5 Facelift (7H) 2010 →

1) Cars with white MFD (Multifunctional display).

Note: For cars with white MFD, if the car was not equipped with a screen before, it may be necessary to program the vehicle in order to enable the visualisation. Please consult with an authorised dealer or service workshop.

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