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EZi-DAB Firmware Update

Requirements and limitations:

  • Windows XP (SP 2) / Windows 7
  • USB stick

Firmware Update Content:

  • DAB Service Following

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Descarca actualizare Firmware

  1. Download "" to your PC.
  2. Connect an empty USB stick to your PC.
  3. Extract the file (i.e. with WinZip / IZArc) onto the USB stick.
    The file “Alpine_EZi-DAB_V1.6_4.” needs to be in root directory of the USB stick.
  4. Safely remove the USB stick from your PC.
  5. Power on EZi-DAB.
  6. Press the button, Select “Settings” > “Software update”.
  7. Insert the USB stick into EZi-DAB’s USB socket and press the “Select” knob.
    The update process may take around five minutes. Ensure that you don’t switch off EZi-DAB or start your car during the update process or the update may fail.
  8. EZi-DAB restarts automatically once the update is finished.
  9. Remove the USB stick.